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 Emma Gannon 

 HEY !  I'm Emma and I'm 1/2 of Plastica Gals.

 I'm a performance artist who uses theatre as a form of activism.

I have an Master's and First Class Degree in Theatre from the University of Chichester. As a solo artist I make work using spoken word to tell true stories of inequality. I've performed in Chichester, Manchester, Folkestone, Brighton, Sheffield and across London. But when Bryony and I started beach cleaning in 2018 we decided to come together to create a wicked-ass piece of live art about plastic pollution, consumerism and the importance of the individual. We're really proud of everything we've done so far and hope you'll continue to watch our journey because we have A LOT in  store. 

I love all things art and activism. Aside from Plastica Gals I'm a freelance producer and have met/worked with some great people which has allowed me to use art to make change all across the UK.

I love to read, write and travel.  I'm currently writing a poetry book called The Calm Before The Storm about mental health and self love spoken through the stages of storm (it's still a work in progress )

My reading tends to delve between feminism, climate change, poetry, fiction and activism but I'm open to anything really - send me your recommendations!


Hey I'm Bryony and I'm 1/2 of Plastica Gals! I'm a performance artist with massive passions for animal activism, feminism and environmentalism.

In 2018 I graduated with my first class physical theatre solo as one of the featured performances Inter(ACT) hosted at The Yard in London. This piece 'Sus Occidendum' was developed and later performed at Liberation Arts Festival Bristol, and performed at Vegan Arts Night at Karamel Cafe in North London.

Since beginning my theatrical career as the starring role of Angel Gabriel in my nursery school nativity, I have always loved creating theatre and have recently performed devised solo work in some pretty cool venues. My Baby Spice inspired cabaret style performance 'Daddy's Little Spice Girl' was showcased at The Resistance Gallery and Royal Vauxhall Tavern as part of legendary queer cabaret night DUCKIE. 

When not rehearsing for Plastica Galactica you can find me curled up in bed with a cup of coffee watching a Louis Theroux documentary, dreaming about my cats. My many other obsessions include broccoli (yes you read that right) 80's New Wave music and any memes involving Toad from Mario Kart.

I've got a passion for the planet and I ain't afraid to show it (show it, show it)


Due to our shared passions we decided to collaborate so we could begin smashing inequality to pieces together one performance at a time; whilst simultaneously attempting to glue the world back together. And so the birth of Plastica Gals began...

 (c) Pulp and Pith 

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